Careers Information at OPA

Our fabulous Year 11’s have now finished all of their assessments, coursework and mini exams that make up their Teacher Assessed Grades (TAG’s) that will give them their final GCSE results.  They are now officially on study leave until the end of the school year before they embark on their journey into further education.  All of the current cohort have either a placement at college or will be starting an apprenticeship. 

Mrs Shorey heads up the Careers department at OPA and is always available to support our students.  We have a dedicated careers area where we have lots of information on work and further education opportunities including college prospectuses. 

This academic year, the majority of Year 11’s had a one to one interview with a professional careers advisor to help them make the right choices for years 12 and 13 and assemblies on apprenticeships were delivered to year 9’s,  10’s and 11’s.

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