Less than 95% attendance is enough to drop an attainment level/GCSE grade.

Full attendance is critical if you are to make the best use of your opportunities. Research shows that missing lessons has a seriously detrimental effect on your achievements.

All students have their attendance monitored rigorously and where necessary we invite parents/carers in to offer support and discuss any issues. Please support the Academy by sending your child in whenever possible.

Reporting a student absence

Call 01708 865180, select option 1 (attendance) each day of absence and leave the following information:

  • Students name
  • Nature of illness/reason for absence
  • Expected date of return
  • Callers relationship to student


School day starts promptly at 8:20 am. The school gates are locked shortly after and any pupil arriving after 8:20 am are expected to sign in via reception. This is to ensure that they are marked in, as registration of students is a statutory requirement. Compulsory punctuality detentions will be held if your child is late to school or late to tutor time.


Holidays taken during term time will be recorded as an unauthorised absence, with the exception of unforeseen circumstances, which will be reviewed.

Medical and dental appointments

Wherever possible please make medical or dental appointments outside of normal school hours.  If you would like further information please contact the attendance team.

When students are absent and no contact is made with the school, the Attendance Ambassadors will make a home visit.

100% attendance will earn students certificates and other rewards.

How attendance is calculated

  • A calendar year has 365 days, or 52 weeks or 12 months
  • A school year has 195 days, or 39 weeks or 6 terms
  • INSET school training days total 5 in each year
  • The school day is divided into two sessions (am & pm), therefore, students should attend 380 sessions a year.