Art is crucial in providing students with the opportunity to develop their creative and imaginative powers which can be used in a range of careers and hobbies. Art gives students the practical skills to communicate and express ideas, feelings and meanings in Art and Design. Art can also help students develop personal qualities such as confidence, initiative and resourcefulness, and allows students to understand the purpose of Art in contemporary society and in other times and cultures.

Students will make personal responses to their own and others’ environment and to the work of artists, craftspeople and designers, working in two and three dimensions.

Students will expect to develop a range of skills by studying Art such as:

  • Team working as well as working independently.
  • Exploring materials and processes.
  • Designing for final outcomes.
  • Working from a brief and working towards deadlines.
  • Presenting work to each other.
  • Undertaking creative and practical research projects.
  • Being able to make contextual references in Art and Design,
  • Knowing the skills to be able to undertake a career in this sector.