Adverse Weather / Academy Closure

Adverse / Extreme Weather and Academy Closure

Wherever possible, the decision to close the academy will be made before the teaching day commences, rather than defer the decision and delay the opening of the school. The Facilities/Site manager will assess the school site and inform the Principal of the state of site. A risk assessment of the site will be conducted in order to assess any potential hazards due to the weather conditions. Closing the academy is a reasonable decision if pupils or staff are at risk of serious injury due to adverse/extreme weather conditions / or other.

Action if Academy Closed

  1. Parents / carers will be contacted by email via SimsParent App / Sims Intouch of the academy onsite closure
  2. The academy website will be updated with closure information on the home page banner
  3. Parents / carers will be further informed of academy re-opening by email via SimsParent App / Sims Intouch.