ASCEND – a personalised curriculum

As with all schools in England the National Curriculum governs what is delivered. ASCEND offers a broad and balanced curriculum through a range of subject lessons, projects and experiential learning activities. Due to the needs of our students we have adapted the manner in which we deliver some of these subjects.

Whilst at ASCEND the students will experience a number of different learning styles and environments; this offers each student the opportunity to develop their practical, physical, communication and relationship skills; helping them to open their minds to learning.

As well as taught lessons by subject specialists, our students will benefit from carefully matched intervention programmes which support numeracy, literacy, communication and socialisation. Additional support for fine and gross motor skills is also offered alongside mentoring and outreach counselling services.

ASCEND has a number of teaching areas within the site, where the pupils’ SEMH needs are catered for. Students will work in small groups or on a one to one basis depending on the nature of the activity.

Visits to other educational facilities will make up an important part of our curriculum. These may be to develop awareness, experience something new or build knowledge and understanding around a relevant topic.

At ASCEND, we believe that to learn to full potential a student has to be emotionally, mentally and physically ready. The curriculum delivered at ASCEND works to specifically develop all three of these areas. Physical and emotional wellbeing is vital for effective learning to take place. These two areas form a substantial part of the taught curriculum and daily activities.