National Tutoring Programme

As part of our Covid Recovery Premium strategy, we are pleased to inform you that our academy is continuing to utilise the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) to help pupils whose education has most been impacted due to the pandemic. The objective of this programme is to provide one-to-one or small group tuition to selected pupils to address learning gaps so that they could make accelerated academic progress. 

There are two routes being utilised by the academy this academic year:

  • NTP Academic Mentors
  • NTP School-led Tuition

NTP Academic Mentors

Students identified for the programme, will take part in the weekly tuition sessions in a group of three with two other students from their year group, or 1:1 with the tutor.

We have carefully timetabled the tuition sessions to ensure that pupils do not miss out on the core curriculum and pupils with SEND or other additional needs do not miss out on special support. We have also ensured that the teaching content to be covered during the tuition sessions is explicitly linked to pupils’ learning in their regular classroom and their specific learning needs. Tentatively, we have planned to provide 15 hours of tuition package to your child with the following specific learning focus.

To help pupils improve their creative writing skills through a series of learning activities including but not limited to:

  1. Grammar practice: Impactful use of a range of sentence types (Simple, Compound, and Complex sentence)
  2. Show, don’t tell – descriptive writing activities
  3. Basic elements of a story: Character, setting, plot
  4. Planning for writing
  5. Editing and proofreading of the first, second, and final draft of pupils’ creative writing stories

As small group-focused tuition sessions significantly increase teacher-pupils interaction, learning tasks are tailored to pupils’ specific needs, and pupils receive more individualised feedback, we hope our pupils will benefit from these sessions and accelerate their academic progress.

Should you have any questions or would like more information about the National Tutoring Programme, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Thacker, Assistant Principal by email [email protected]

NTP School-Led Tuition

Students identified for the programme, will take part in the weekly tuition sessions in a group of three with two other students from their year group with their tutor, a subject specialist teacher from Ormiston Park Academy. The sessions take place for 1 hour outside of the school day, either two mornings per week, or two hours on a Saturday.

Our School-led Tuition programme commenced in Spring Term 1. The subjects we are currently providing School-led Tuition includes:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • History
  • French

Our current sessions are predominantly offered to our Y10 students, who have commenced GCSE studies this academic year.

Our subject-specialist staff start by baseline-assessing the students to identify their gaps in learning and understanding, and will then use this to map out 15 bespoke tuition sessions to address the gaps and support the students in making progress over time to become more confident learners in their tuition subject.

All of our NTP School-led Tutors have completed the NTP School-led Tuition training, recognised by the Chartered College of Teaching.