Creative and Performing Arts

Students who study Creative and Performing Arts will learn how to use stimulus such as music, photographs, lyrics, and plays to create drama and bring performances to life with new techniques. You will learn how to use different drama mediums within your performance such as music and physical theatre. Studying Drama and Theatre Arts allows students to go on to study the subject at A-Level or as part of a BTEC in Performing Arts and then perhaps on to degree level. It can also help if you decide to continue into working in technical theatre or dance and music. Even if you decide you don’t want to continue studying the subject, Drama will help build your confidence and ensure that your skills in teamwork are well developed. This could help in careers such as law or government.

Students will expect to develop a range of skills by studying CAPA such as:

  • Working as a professional theatre company
  • Creating and performing pieces in regular showcases.
  • Producing rehearsal diaries, in-depth self-evaluations and working independently.