The GCSE course which students undertake for History offers a variety of subjects spanning nearly 2000 years. The course has been designed to take into consideration students’ historical curiosity and to build upon the topics studied at Key Stage 3. The course enables students to study a range of periods including Crime and Punishment over time, Henry VIII, the Cold War, American Civil Rights and Vietnam, History is crucial in many areas, not only providing a broad knowledge in lots of areas, but it can also help you to achieve a number of careers including careers in law, journalism, publishing, education and politics.

Students will expect to develop a range of skills by studying History such as:

  • The ability to look at and analyse change and continuity over time.
  • The ability to analyse data and trends and to draw conclusions from these.
  • The ability to interpret sources and interpretations, while taking into account its context, provenance and potential bias.
  • The ability to make clear judgements using evidence to support you.
  • The ability to discuss and debate.
  • The ability to write in a structured, coherent way and to understand both sides of an argument.