Combined Cadet Force

The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is a voluntary after-school organisation open to our students in Year 8 and above. It offers a tremendous opportunity to engage in some challenging and exciting activities, and to understand a little more about the armed services.

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The CCF is not a military recruiting organisation. Our students join to take advantage of the activities and training that the CCF offers, not specifically to join the army or RAF.  

Ormiston Park Academy CCF
Ormiston Park Academy CCF

The main aim of the CCF is to offer cadets a truly enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Our cadets take to the life of CCF very readily, and comment on how much it teaches them in terms of teamwork and leadership through the years. Many strong and lasting friendships are formed in CCF and there is no doubt that it is a vibrant and healthy section of the school community.


The activities are a mix of military and adventurous training. Our students learn how to handle weapons safely, can undertake shooting activities, learn about field-craft and survival, and most importantly self-reliance and discipline. Adventurous training includes trekking, kayaking, climbing and mountain biking, and mostly takes place on the main army summer camp.

The cadets are held every Tuesday after school, running from 3 to 5 pm. The main CCF camp is held towards the beginning of the summer term. Other activity events are also held throughout the year.

How the CCF became part of the Academy

The CCF at Ormiston Park Academy was formed in 2013.  It has been in continuous existence ever since. The officers who run it are teachers from the school who undertook special training from the armed services in order to do so. We have officers attend the Academy to train and organise activities for our students who come to help train cadets and organise activities, taking time off from their normal jobs to do so.  They all still hold a reserve rank in order to perform their duties and are given training by the army.

The CCF is not for everyone, but for those who do join we hope that they find they are able to undertake activities and experience challenges that would not otherwise come their way, and that they develop the character that will help them well beyond school.

CCF Lead/Teacher and Head of Year 9/Character Development: Mr Florin Nicorici
Rank in CCF: 2Lt
Email: [email protected]