OPA will celebrate PRIDE on Friday 25th June

17th June 2021

Dear Parents & Carers,

On Friday 25th June students are permitted to wear ONE piece of non-school uniform in RAINBOW colours to represent Pride. Accessories will be worn with school uniform. It is NOT a non-uniform day and we are not taking a charity donations.

This is for students who wish to take part, it is not compulsory.

Students who wish to take part may wear the following accessories with their school uniform:
A rainbow tie, a rainbow hair band, a rainbow belt, rainbow socks, rainbow glasses, a rainbow hat, a rainbow sash, a rainbow wrist band, a rainbow badge, rainbow shoe laces, rainbow braces or a rainbow flag (to carry). A rainbow T shirt may be worn in place of a school shirt however normal school skirt, trousers and blazer must be worn with the T shirt.

Kind Regards,
Lynsey Padmore
Assistant Principal