OPA will be celebrating Diversity Day on Friday 21st May

The OPA family is proud to have students and staff from different countries around the world, for some members of our community English is an additional language and our Diversity is something we celebrate at OPA. Friday 21st May is national Diversity day and if any of our students have a traditional/national outfit that represents their heritage they are invited to wear it to school for Diversity day.

If your child would like to take part and come into school wearing traditional dress they must sign up with their form tutor by Wednesday 19th May. Examples of what constitutes traditional dress: If a student has Scottish roots they may wear a kilt to school, students of Indian or Pakistan heritage may wish to wear their sari or dhoti, if your child is of Irish decent or partakes in Irish dancing then he or she may choose to wear their costume to school. England, unlike Ireland and Scotland, has no official national dress. People associate traditional dress in England with London beefeaters, soldier uniforms or wearing a bowler hat, all of which will be acceptable.

Please note this will NOT be a NON uniform day, students must not come into school wearing casual clothes, hoodies, sportswear, their England football kit and students should NOT dress in the colours of a national flag as that will not be appropriate. If students are not wearing school uniform they must be wearing traditional and authentic clothes for Diversity day.

We hope lots of our students will participate and share part of their culture with their peers and thank you in advance for your support.

Kind Regards

Lynsey Padmore
Assistant Principal