2021 exam results support

Click on the links in the files section, at the bottom of the page to download our Teacher assessed grading centre policy and Summer 2021 student handout. These contain lots of useful information about grading, and what to do once you have your GCSE, AS and/or A-level results, including what steps to take if you believe there’s been an error in your grading.

Teacher assessed grades 2021, appeals information

If a student believes they have grounds to appeal one or more of their teacher assessed grades (TAGs), they must apply for a Centre Review of their TAGs in the first instance.

They can do this by completing our online form, here.

The online form will be accessible from Monday 16th August to Friday 3rd September. The deadline for appeals/centre review applications is 4pm Friday 3rd September.

Students should be aware that appeals can lead to grades moving down, remaining the same or moving up. If a grade moves down, the student cannot choose to keep with their original, higher grade, so please be sure that you would like to proceed with an appeal prior to completing the online form.

Once you have completed the online form, we will need to contact you and will do this by Monday 10th September. If we are unable to contact you for more information, we may be unable to process your appeal.

After processing a centre review, if we believe there are sufficient grounds for an appeal, we will complete the necessary paperwork and submit to the relevant exam board by Monday 17th September.

Exam boards may take up to 42 days to process the appeal and make a final decision.