Update on Uniform

2nd September 2021

Dear Parents/Carers

We are looking forward to welcoming your child back after the summer break.

Many thanks for your continued support for the academy and its policies. We have high expectations for our children and school uniform is an obvious symbol that children share these expectations, and have a pride in belonging to our school community. We therefore set a clear expectation that uniform will be worn.  

Any student failing to comply with the academy’s uniform expectations will be placed in Supervision until their Form Tutor is able to contact home to resolve. Please be mindful that many form tutors teach full days so if your child is not in correct uniform they will be out of lessons and this may be for the full day

You can access our new supplier at https://www.snappyschoolwear.com. The site is very easy to use, following the procedures below:

 Click on store icon on the top bar

 Choose Ormiston Park Academy from the list

School uniformCostDelivery Cost
Boys blazer£29.50£3.50
Girls blazer£29.50£3.50
Neck pull over£16.50£3.50
Tie£6.85£3.50 (can be purchased direct from the school with no delivery cost)

If you wish to purchase a tie directly from the school, you can do so by making the payment through parent mail.  The tie will then be available for collection from the school reception.

Please see below regarding uniform. These are not changes to the existing policy, simply clarification and reminders so all students are in full and correct uniform.

Girls’ skirts:      Girls, are no longer required to purchase the OPA labelled skirt. Any smart, grey, tailored school skirt is acceptable. Skirts can be pleated. All skirts should be modest in length. Please note stretchy, jersey skirts (or stretchy trousers) are not permitted.  Girls may also wear smart, tailored school trousers.

Coats:               Only plain black/ navy blue will be accepted anywhere on school premises. No obvious branding or logos will be accepted and we ask that all coats have students’ names on labels in case they are misplaced. The policy of no denim, leather, suede, faux fur remains in place.

Please be advised that coats other than plain black/ navy blue will be confiscated if worn on the school site

Hoodies:            No hoodies under any circumstances will be allowed anywhere on academy premises at any point. Students will not be permitted to wear them under blazers or instead of coats.

Please be advised that hoodies will be confiscated if worn on the school site

Shoes:               Trainers will only be accepted on medical grounds with supporting evidence from GP or Hospital. In the case of shoes breaking, students must bring their shoes with a written note from parent clearly stating when new ones will be purchased. We will support by loaning students’ shoes in these cases so they are able to continue attending lessons. If a student has blisters from new shoes, they will be expected to wear their shoes during the school day (as they can keep moving around to a minimum at breaks) and come equipped with necessary plasters etc. Students actively engaged in sports at break are allowed to wear trainers for these activities but not simply because trainers are more comfortable.

Jewellery:          The policy on jewellery is simple at OPA. One small, plain stud to be worn in each ear lobe. A watch (no smart watches) may be worn. No other jewellery or piercings accepted. Students will be expected to remove any non-policy jewellery without discussion and take full responsibility for safe-keeping items removed.

Equipment:        Students are required to bring a suitable plain dark coloured school type backpack with them every day. This should be big enough to fit books, equipment, PE kit and food & drink. Students are also required to bring a pencil case with, a selection of pens, pencils, a ruler and an eraser.

Late detentions:  As students are expected to line up in year groups before entering for Form Time at 8:30, students must be on site by 8:20 at the latest to allow them time to get to the correct area. Any student coming through the gates after 8:30 will be issued a late detention and parents will be notified.

Thank you for your ongoing support with maintaining the highest possible standards of personal appearance and punctuality. Please direct any queries to your child’s Form Tutor in the first instance.

Finally, towards the end of last academic year we introduced students to our House system, to further enhance belonging, the spirit of competition and celebration of excellence at OPA. Upon your child’s return to the academy all students and staff will be placed into their new Houses. This will be quickly followed by our first inter house competitions which will be guess the staff member and football & netball.

Student will accumulate House Points for positive contributions based on our values throughout their day to day lives at OPA, these house points will go towards individual and House rewards throughout the year, we will share the celebration of this with you every step of the way.

Kind Regards

Humayun Rashid

Senior Vice Principal