Health and Fitness

In an age when mental and physical health and crucial, Health and Fitness is a great course to study. Health and Fitness encourages learners to use knowledge and practice tools to focus on supporting people with specific health and fitness goals. The course is designed to help learners who want an introduction to health and fitness which includes a vocational and project-based element. The study of Health and Fitness involves understanding the functions of the body systems, understanding the principles of training, and knowing how the body reacts in the short and long term to fitness activities It also teaches how to create a fitness program for a person with specific goals.

Students will expect to develop a range of skills by studying Health and Fitness such as:

  • Understanding and identifying the main body systems and their functions
  • Understanding the principles of training and FITT
  • Exploring how physical activities affect the body in the short and long term
  • Understanding how relevant fitness tests can be used for specific health and skill components of fitness
  • Understanding different lifestyle analysis tools and how to apply them
  • Creating a health and fitness program